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What is best to do this time?

Currently, I’m working in the Middle East, and I have a good job, but it’s ending this December. I’m feeling quite worried about what comes next. I’ve explored local alternatives, but the job market here is incredibly competitive, and the offers I’ve received so far don’t match my current job. Unlike the Western job market, it’s not as easy to switch employers here.

Some of my friends have advised against returning to Nepal, fearing it might be a mistake given the current situation with people leaving the country. I’m in a dilemma because I have the responsibility of providing for my two kids’ education and well-being.

I’m leaning towards going back to Nepal, living a more minimalist life, and using my savings wisely. However, I’m also concerned about the challenges of sustaining without a job or doing nothing. I’m really torn about what to do next.

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