Need some genuine suggestions ➤

Need some genuine suggestions

My sister is currently having lots of flight of thoughts, feeling of negativity and occasionally panic attack since 1-2months. She craves lots lots of attention and she could go any length to crave that.She had similar hx of having panic attack once/twice per year. Initially I attributed all those changed behavior to seeking attention as I was recently married and She had trouble adjusting to us. Yesterday, we had a very huge fight and there she almost attempted suicide. Only then I realized that she is suffering from some psy illness.
Today, i confronted her about the behavior, she told me she was sexually abused by my father in law as she is currently staying at my sasurali for past 3-4months. I couldn’t believe the thing she told me.
He is so genuine person and my sister can do anything to seek attention. I have seen her do that.
What should I do? How should I handle this situation?
PS: I am taking her to psychiatrist for treatment tomorrow.

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