How to not be insecure ➤

How to not be insecure

Me and my younger sister, are only few years apart and she is beautiful like explained in songs doe eyes, fair skin and extrovert, clever whereas I am brown skinned, small double lid eyes (tei vanxan ig), introvert and dumb ig. So sanai dekhi i have been compared to my sister hai like how beautiful she is, how charming she is and all my flaws were shown by my relatives. So sanai dekhi i have been insecure about my body. Tesai mathi being introvert and sensitive kid 😅😅

Six years ago, i was late teenager then I began to get close to my now bf. His sister is beautiful and has good make up skill ( mero family ma chahi pahila make up garne kt bigreko haru hun vanne kura hunthyo so i never learnt it) ani ma xu who like only uses sunscreen (though its too late now and i am all sun burnt lol). He would make comments unknowingly ki I can’t compare to his sister on look wise which hurt my self esteem more. I know ki I don’t look pretty but to throw it in my face is hurtful 😅 Though he says I am what he had always wanted brown colored, lil chubby but i am pretty sure he only fell for me cause of our conversation that we had. He says i am mature for my age and I understood him.

The point is now I as an adult, am really insecure about myself, my look mostly as my face and arms are sunburnt and i also have genetic wala skin disease from mom side which is not healing with any treatment . I did started gym to be fit but i am really insecure with my own skin ki photo khichna upload garna ni sakdina. I wear jackets even in this summer season cause i am scared to show my skin. I feel everyone is judging me when i meet people so I rarely meet people outside of my close circle and my confidence is really low at this point.

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