Cars in Nepal ➤

Cars in Nepal

Hey everyone,My dad just told me he is gonna get a car and its Datsun redigo-2021. that’s the only thing he told me.

now i wouldn’t consider my father to be practical and financially literate. he have a habit of making impulsive decisions with doing mininum research on it.

my parents live out of the valley, like 84km away and 30-40% roads are pretty bad.I’m not sure why he would wanna buy a car in a first place as there is pretty much no need for one, especially we don’t have a parking spot over the house

but my main concern here is, this is not a wise decision and it’ll end up in a waste of money. i feel like he is buying one just for the sake of it.we dont have that father-son emotional relationship but i could tell he feels like everything he does it not enough. the grandfather is biased asshole who favours other sons.and he is buying a car to prove himself that he is not worthless.

I would love it if you guys were to give me the reviews on this car, my friend told me it doesn’t have much ground clearance to be able to run smoothly on offroad but she is not very educated about cars and she told that based on her dad’s experience (same car but older model). so i would like to know the pros and cons of this car in context of nepal.

Also, I’d be helpful is you were to suggest any good affordable cars around this price range

Please feel free to ask about any related information if that helps you with your advice

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