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Your thoughts on Upper Tamakoshi stocks?

I am considering buying it

r/NepalStock by NishekRedDevil

  1. [deleted] says

    I bought I got only 1 thing REGRET. Sold in loss to invest in other shares

  2. rameshkc says


  3. y4maa says

    there are far better stocks out there

  4. [deleted] says

    If you are holding them for better days, just sell them before it’s too late!

    (My opinion your decision)


    So, you are thinking about buying them. Well, in that case, if you are going to trade, best of luck but if you are planning hold them for years, in my opinion, that would be a bad decision.

    And, also, one can buy them from a bearish market if there’s a high hope for Upper.

  5. [deleted] says

    tyo nepal ko saan vanera chai nakinnu, technically herda momentum xaina

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