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Yemeni students struggle to get education in bombed schools


Yemeni students struggle to get education in bombed schools

HAJJAH, YEMEN: SEPT. 22 – In northern Yemen, many schools bombed pulverized as the civil war continues with no in sight.

The Ali bin Abi Talib school in the Red Sea town of Midi in Hajjah province is one of them.

The government authorities built makeshift classrooms tents, wooden planks, and straw in the schoolyard to start the new academic year 350 schoolchildren.

“Our school had been bombed. We now study in a tent in the schoolyard,” Abdo Ali told Xinhua as he prepares to go to the school.

The 12-year-old boy lives with parents in a hut in the outskirts of Midi. They returned along with many other families to the coastal town the government forces recaptured it from the Houthi militia than two years ago.

His father made him an office table of empty wooden ammunition boxes he found after the battles.

“Our living situation is getting worse. Our

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