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Why does a brother usually hate to see his friend and his sister in a relationship?

Even if his friend and sister both have good nature, profession, age and maturity.

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  1. [deleted] says


  2. top_10_dohori_songs says

    Because it breaks a certain trust barrier. You bring your friend close to your family, the females of your family and he uses your trust, your friendship as a tool to score your sister. That’s not cool.

    There is a chance of relationship not working out. Which will hamper everyone.

    Imagining your friends doing stuff to your sister is just eewww.

    And you know how sick and perverted your friends can be, you know every little detail, all their bad habits because how close you are to each other. These tiny details that you know hampers your judgement.


    Would also like to add that some people talk shit about the girl after break up, or some men flex their private life with their gf among friends. You don’t want that to happen to your sister especially among own friend circle.

  3. jackedclown_1 says

    I think it’s because there’s always a chance of the relationship not working out, and that would affect the friendship.

  4. V20FTW says

    Imagine your friend doing the deed with your sister.

  5. dailyUselessFacts says

    coz you know your friend, you know how bad of an intention he’s got

  6. thelaudalasan says

    Probably cause of the men talk that happens between two friends, it’s not possible.

  7. Purple-Duck- says

    Becos his friend can say him saale (and it’s actually his saala)

  8. mr___canada says

    Ross liked it btw.

  9. ohhimark123456 says

    Just mad his friend’s got a gf and he dont.

  10. CurrencySensitive296 says

    I don’t know

  11. Traditional-Roof1663 says

    If the relationship doesn’t work, a friendship will not work as well. Pre-mariatial physical relationship might be another reason. I don’t think there would be any problem in case of arrange marriage. You might now interpret.

  12. InsideLake1592 says

    Hmm, that’s a really good question.

  13. XtrdinaryTerrestrial says

    Its because guys know how their friends can be, they remember their adventures and experiences together about things subtle and coarse.

    Depending on the judgement based on it, they can either support or be protective about their sister’s relationship.

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