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Why do/don’t you think it’s a good idea to legalize Euthanasia in Nepal?

Also, are the processes in Euthanasia painless?

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  1. qkathmandu says

    Euthanasia doesn’t mean you can just die if you want to. It is for people with terminal illnesses. You also need the recommendation of doctors and a whole process of establishing whether you really have an incurable terminal illness where you are enduring unbearable suffering.

    Euthanasia is painless. So is execution by lethal injection.

    No, given how corrupt Nepal is and how bureaucratic process are routinely gamed, euthanasia should not be legal in Nepal.

  2. nakedtruuth says

    There’s no argument against it. It should definitely be legal. Consent line kura ma ali strict garna parxa tara afno ichhya le marna paauna parxa… Diseases cannot be classified as curable and not curable. Most of them are curable, you can even survive with failed kidneys with Regular dialysis, but do I want to do that? That’s the question. Even stage 3 cancer has some kind of hope being of being treated, that doesn’t mean i want to live horrible life clinging on that next to none hope.

    I always think about this. If somehow you got sick and got bed ridden, you cannot kill yourself, you cannot hang, go somewhere and jump, travel to some place to drown, when you become immobile you will be stuck with your useless body and you will become burden for your loves ones and for yourself too. So I for myself do not want to be in that situation

  3. meroprashna6 says

    Should be legal. Kina nagarne? Afno hisaable marna ni napaune? Mampakha haru. Legal garna hunna bhanne lai terminal cancer lagera chuchchi na chuchchi chora buhari le jharko mandai syareko herna paros ani hey bhagwan jhattai kaal aaos bhanda ni naaaos ani thaha hun6 mula saag haru.

  4. y2k2r2d2 says

    Painless. Lots of research gone to find ways to execute prisoners painlessly as possible. This is probably next level and those who qualify for this are probably in lots of pain (physical)

  5. Geralt_Underwood says

    I think its a good one if people are made aware of it! But nepali haru veda ko bathan jasto hunxan dherai emotionally yo kura ma fase vane sabai marna tattinxan!

  6. [deleted] says


  7. Significant_Sail_684 says

    I wish it was. I would start the legal process now. Lol. I am sick of capitalism and just slaving away inside a cold corporate office not being able to afford world’s simplest pleasure like basking in the sun. Yeah i am done with this life

  8. enchantedriyasa says

    Maybe because People in Nepal are quite religious and every religion claims suicide as a sin.It would be huge scandal.

    For Euthanasia, the patient ( not the family member) has to consent to be killed,in the presence of 2 physicians and has to be of sound mind.In Nepal, Do Not Resuscitate(DNR) and Do not ventilate(DNV) is common.In this,relatives have the authority to decide about the fate of the patient.

  9. KatanaLaser says

    i dont think death can be painless.

    euthanasia is complicated from moral perspective. when and when not to allow this? what if person is suicidal? there are whole lot of circumstances to be considered.

    again, i am indecisive about euthanasia just like abortion. it will be taboo like abortion is if it became legal.

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