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Who is the best Nepali YouTube to learn Technical Analysis from?

I want to learn technical analysis. I watched some videos from foreigners but it felt like those strategies wouldn’t work in Nepal.

So I searched for some Nepali videos and found this guy named Ajay Singh Thapa that has a TA course on youtube.

This Ajay Singh Thapa guy looks like a jogi but he has a lot of videos regarding TA and also does TA of some stocks that are popular currently. I want to believe him but his jogi outlook and all of his commenters commenting jay sambho and him pushing his online classes and training (1000 rupees) every time makes me question his reliability.

But all the other videos I found are all out of place and doesn’t focus on TA starting from the basics.

So can you guys please tell me if he’s accurate or not. If not, what are some other Nepal based sources that I can learn TA from, starting with the very basics.

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  1. aadarsha2056 says


    [charlie munger destroying fake gurus](

  2. captainright1 says

    tradewithsz is good point. they even have discord for learning/sharing/teaching.

    avoid that jogi/baba guy. he is massive shill.

  3. SubbAH says

    You can follow the udemy course that [thatnepseguy]( has in his Instagram profile.

    It goes from the basic if your are trying to invest good amount of time.

    You can follow this [link](

    You can also get something out from [The Intelligent Investor]( and books from [this playlist](

  4. enormousgiganticDICK says

    Global sanjay

  5. sarojhd says

    Tyo ajay singh vanni chai fraud vanne suneko thiye Facebook maa. Maile chai herdina

  6. nepaliengineer_keta says

    Try the channel Grow More
    really helped me

  7. y4maa says

    rayner teo

  8. LoanSad5133 says

    stocks point out garne vanda analysis garna sikaune ko siknu

    dont beleive them blindly, read books as a reference

    2 ta kura right garera 1 wrong sugesstion garcha dherai le

    i heard 1 guy giving good advice and in the middle he was saying upper will give right share so buy it… what a fraud

    so afno knowledge badaunu books padnu , hear everyone out and filter good stuff yourself

  9. goodday_best says

    nepali bhnda indian bata sika, professional hunchha ali kati ani bujhna pani sajilai hunchha.

  10. Laxman_12 says

    You can watch
    Abhishek Lamichane
    Laganiko Sagar
    Grow more
    Subash karki videos

  11. dreminemgk says


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