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Which platform is the best for fundamentals and technical analysis

I have been using sharesansar (not the pro) ,bizmandu for financial reports and key matrix but I found differences among the data provided by nepsealpha, ss, bizmandu.
And i use nepsealpha chart for technical analysis.
So my question is
1.which of this platform is most reliable?
+ is it ok ,to not subscribe to a premium services.
2. Is there any difference in using nepsealpha charts?

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  1. Booby_Doo says

    I’m using systemxlite. You can get 1 month trial for free and life time access for one time payment of Rs 5000. Give it a try.

  2. suman_84 says

    I am a beginner myself, anyways nepsealpha and merolagani have similar data regarding technical stuffs like broker holding, i personally only use those two, you can try merolagani’s service 3 days for free that might help you decide on your second question. Hoped it helped.

  3. saynotolust says

    Why are people in this sub so unhelpful? This post was downvoted to 0. Selfish motherfuckers!

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