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Where is Everyone?

For the most part, I don’t mind being with myself. But here I am sitting in a cafe and finding myself alone. I do not know how it got to the point where I can sit with my laptop and work in a cafe close by my home for three days straight and yet, somehow, I do not stumble upon anyone I know.

Where is everyone? I don’t understand it. I studied with 108 classmates in my school, 2 of them are no longer in the world, but yet, out of 106 people, I can’t count more than 6 people in Nepal. The highschool case is very similar, the highschool I had studied in had about 300 students. I used to be a social butterfly back then, so I knew about everyone, and yet, I never stumbled upon anyone.

It is not like I only go to one type of place, from tarkari bazar in Kalimati to Cafes in Jhamsikhel to Restaurants in Lazimpat, I have been everywhere and quite frequently, and yet I never coincidentally meet anyone.
Everyone I call is unreachable and when I text them, I find they are not in Nepal. It’s been 4 years since I returned back from India, and I’ve barely met 4 friends from back in school and 1 from back in high-school.
I find myself questioning, where did it go wrong that anyone who can afford to prefers to go abroad than stay here. I find myself questioning, did I do wrong by staying myself?

Don’t get me wrong, I am earning enough to the point I do not have to think about going abroad, but that’s all. And in moments like these I question myself, should I just go abroad as well?

Some days I would like to stumble upon old friends, get to know how they are doing, talk about how I am doing. And yet no matter where I go, all I find are strangers.

This is not limited to friends, last year in dwyali (kun puja), the group who used to handle things (mid 30s) said, “aba hamro palo sakiyo, tmaharle ho aba sabai manage garne” and I look around, noone my age is there. How did we reach this point?

I talk with my clients abroad, and everyone talks about how difficult it is to live there, and how they’re stuck. They talk about how the life they show in Social Media is a fugazi. And yet no one is returning back.

I know when I will get busy with work sunday, this thought cannot take priority, and yet, every once in a while, I find myself questioning, where the f is everyone?

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