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Where did the Covid-19 come from? Trust science

Where did the Covid-19 come from? Trust science

Where did the Covid-19 come from? It has been the biggest mystery question for now, as its origins remain unknown. The world has been hit hard by the pandemic, with nearly 214 million people worldwide infected, over four million losing lives, crippling the livelihoods and economies.

Two years since the pandemic, as people in the world are trying to fight against and cope with the pandemic they have also developed an expectation and hope in science, which can only come up with an accurate and just response over the origins.

Blame game

Unfortunately, some ‘powerful’ countries have been coming up with misinformation in regard to the origins of the virus. Without even waiting for scientists’ conclusions, they have politicized the issue and created some sort of negative narrative against China, where the virus was first identified.

In May 2021, US President Joe Biden gave American intelligence agencies 90 days’ deadline to explore the origins of the virus.  Many international experts argued this was meant to harm the image of China.

It is clear that the US and China—the world’s two major superpowers—are in the cold war. There have been claims and counterclaims and accusations and counter-accusations about the origins of Covid-19 by both sides. The direction for investigation came at a time when, with the spread of the Delta variant in the US, the number of cases and deaths continued to rise.

After three months, on August 27

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