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What’s your futuristic predictions for 2100 BS?

What’s your futuristic predictions for 2100 BS?

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  1. alladin316 says

    I just saw a dream of 118001 AD

  2. suryasap says

    Have electricity without power cut!! That will be the start.

  3. SeaCanary7 says

    Sher Bahadur Deuba will become the prime minister for the 15th time….

  4. munamadan says

    Water scarcity will hit Nepal and there will be loadshedding and energy crisis. Number of homeless people will sky rocket and the economy will probably have imploded by 2095 BS due to all the youths leaving the country and too many retired people.

  5. Intelligent-Motor-61 says

    कलियुगको प्रभाव बढ्दै गएर संसारमा अझै अशान्ति बढ्दै जानेछ । मानिसहरूमा धर्म हराउनाले भय बढ्नेछ ।

  6. SamBlaze41 says

    Every Nepali will be very fluent in Mandarin!

  7. No_Current2834 says

    gagan thapa mardai garcha hola.. with being most powerful and influential man of Nepal

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