Infotaining Nepal since 2001

What’s up with this “batas” group being involved in sketchy businesses? Or is this is just another smear campaign?

They’re distributors of suzuki, mahindra, tvs, caterpillar, goodrej etc and now they’ve resorted to making money off of paying politicians to obtain projects? Has anyone here read into the details of all this?

1. Used dharma-ashram built by pashupati area development trust for commercial purposes and have been charging up to rs7000 per night. Also read somewhere that they’ve opened a car showroom in the same dharma-ashram as well?
2. Excavation of stones from seti river for 35 years by blocking/diverting the river.
3. Narayanhiti bhitra restaurant ko controversy. A cozy place to eat would be nice tara the details of their deal made me haha.

kinda looks like just another business house flourishing under political protection. But seeing two consecutive instances of news narratives that’ve riled up the masses against them in the span of a week makes it seem like a smear campaign. What do you think?

r/Nepal by butter_12

  1. butter_12 says

    Just found out that arju rana aka sherbahadur ko budhi is the advisor of batas group hahaha you can’t make this stuff up lol. these fuckers are stealing from under our noses.

  2. exceededprism says

    Manipal hospital too

  3. Accomplished_Cat_404 says

    Batas were always on the congress camp. They have monopoly on bajaj motors on pokhara and now they have cars and other electronics monopoly. Manipal pani batas kai sister company lay kinyeko cha ra transition phase ma cha, jun manipal aba ko 20ish years pachi Nepal sarkar ko hunye wala tyo(40 year ko contract).

  4. rajeshpradhananga says

    Patan Durbar Square too in the mix.

    The downside of federalism and power to all. Oligarchs, petty kings everywhere.

  5. pixelated__pixel says

    Yo Aile J J Vairaxa, Tyo Aafai Shanta Hunxa. Kasari Hunxa K Garera Hunxa Koi Kasaile Patto Nai Paudaina

    Na Tapaile Na Maile Na Arko Koi

    Yo Kura Achamma Lagxa K Malai Chai

  6. TheHimalayanRebel says

    Reminds me of the Oligarchs. Nepal is going to be like those crippled Soviet Nations. Nepal is going to be the next Moldova.

  7. Justme12_loey says

    Idk much but abt Seti River I heard that they had bought the land from idk whoever. Manipal chai India bata kineko ho ani I heard they’re Congress related so aaile congress le rule garda sajilo vayera they are doing so much! Ps for ur info Manipal kinne ma I heard Sher Bahadur Deuba ko wife ko kati share xa rey! So yeah it’s all politics

  8. tiktaktoe999 says

    Thanks for bring this up op.

    I will look it up as well

  9. According-Hearing315 says

    Nepal is oligarchy.

  10. No_Current2834 says

    aba thulai rally nikalna parcha jaso cha…yo chor deuba ra tesko budi biruddha

  11. [deleted] says


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