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What is a good neapli dating site?

I am looking to get to know a Nepali girl that will grow into a relationship.

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  1. Mclovin-12345 says

    tell mom or your female relatives, relationship is too much of a hasle direct bihey handeu

  2. Maestitiaaa says

    Reddit, ~~clubhouse~~, discord …you get the gist

  3. be-rojgar says

    Dude, corruption eating country and want gf… save country first

  4. [deleted] says

    Don’t date. Dating bad for mental helkth

  5. exceededprism says

    Sounds bad but facebook for loyal ,wifey type . Also don’t go for insta model type it’s not worth it

  6. Longjumping-Ad-8380 says

    valley ma hoki kata?

  7. sepiaxoxo says

    coming from a girl, i won’t recommend dating sites as it’s all bs. Most of them are either trying to find someone to hook up. You can try joining hobby groups, for instance if you are into trekking or hiking, there are lots of groups on facebook where people come together and do things that they enjoy doing together in a group. Try to meet people with likeminded opinions or hobbies, and i’m sure you’ll find someone with similar interests 🙂

  8. Xason445 says

    Facebook bata tannai pattaiya thyo 7/8 years agadi

  9. Dr_Bevacizumab says


  10. jemsfatt says

  11. deway099 says

    Hi , join r/hookups_nepal and post 🙂 , its for Nepal , would love to grow the community

  12. ashliye says

    Dm me . I’m also looking for a sugar daddy without the sugary stuff( god first) and you know get into a serious relationship if you are atleast 3 out of 10 or whatever let god do everything

  13. Fantastic-Wrongdoer6 says

    u/Old_Organization8924 is making one

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