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What do u think about this guys? As far as I know he is a good person

Former DIG Kharel forms ‘Nepal Good Governance Party’

KATHMANDU: Former Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Nepal Police Ramesh Kharel has formed a new political party in the country.

Kharel made the announcement of his ‘Nepal Good Governance Party’ at a press conference held in Kathmandu on Friday. He said that the new party would move ahead by making good governance its main agenda.

Stating that bad governance was rife in the country at present, he clarified he was compelled to open a new party to restore good governance in the country.

“We will put nationalism first above anything else. After that, we have made good governance that is suited to country our main agenda. Bad governance has led to present situation in the country,” Kharel said.

He added, “I have conveyed everyone that our party will serve the public and not be directed by self-interest. Politics has become kind of a profession now and politicians are self-serving. Amid all this, ordinary citizens are being neglected. Our party will never ignore the public.”

He expressed commitment to work in favor of ordinary citizens by keeping public needs and interests at the center.
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  1. sulu1385 says

    I really like Ramesh Kharel, i have been following him for over a decade and such a real professional police officer..

    Just few examples… we are talking about a guy who has resisted political pressures to release politically protected goons like one time when he was SP of Kaski, Sujata Koirala phoned him to release some gangsters that he had arrested but were affiliated with Nepali congress… Kharel rejected that outright and afterwards got scolding from then IGP..

    Second, Kharel registered the case and even investigated then minister Prabhu Sah for the murder of a individual.. the IGP at that time phoned him to drop the case but Kharel refused, made that report and gave it to District attorney office who of course threw that report into the dustbin and that minister got away scot free and is in now UML party..

    When he was SP of Parsa, he controlled a lot of smuggling and criminal activities so much so that politicians from madeshi parties went to then home minister Bijay Gachhadar to ask for his transfer.. after finding that out protests broke out in Parsa against that transfer and home minister didn’t transfer him.. Seriously, have we ever seen people protest to keep a police chief??

    These are just few examples that I know and there may be others.. no wonder politicians hated this guy and delayed his promotion time and again, I knew he would never be IGP..

    Now.. having said all this, I am afraid this will not go anywhere though sadly (I mean his new party).. our mainstream political parties have hundreds of thousands of active workers, endless source of money from big businessmen and corruption.. and our election system is such that it is very difficult for new parties..

    Now if we had a directly elected presidential system then he had a chance.. but our politicians will never allow that

  2. [deleted] says

    good guy became big guy in the police? yeah right. lol

    Former security forces personal now with a political ambition doesnt sound very good tbh. The only good thing is he’s forming a party instead of joing any pre established ones. I also like the good governance part being the main focus.

    The pre-established parties have good network of supporters and will viciously and violently kill any real threat though.

  3. OkDifference9652 says

    ig he was suspended for bribe, not sure

  4. SashM12 says

    Interesting facts mate, thanks for sharing m.

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