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What ails Nepali business and economy?

What ails Nepali business and economy?

Many Nepalis are still in poverty. They are living without proper access to education, health, safe drinking water, nutritious food and a decent place for living. And because of the lack of gainful employment opportunities, many have to migrate overseas to work in dangerous jobs. The state is barely present in these areas and the people feel helpless. 

We all should feel responsible towards the country from our own side and serve it by rising above selfish interests. In this regard, I have spent 30 years of my life in various businesses and would like to share my experience for the economic enhancement of the country. Out of the 30 years of my business experience, I spent 22 years in the furniture business and have also been engaged in the construction sector for about 10 years. I would like to share some prescriptions for the development of the Nepali economy based on my experiences.

There was a famous saying of Hariyo Ban, Nepalko Dhan meaning green forest is Nepal’s wealth. The irony is that we have not been able to preserve that asset and have to import timber from foreign countries. It is unfortunate that the lush green forests and their herbs have been destroyed through th

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