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US bata ke magaune hola?

My mama is coming from the US after 2 weeks. He owes me a gift. Ke lyaidim bhanera sodhya chan. Ke magaune hola? No Apple products pls. Product value should be less than 50 USD.

r/Nepal by gosanket

  1. Designer-Departure87 says

    Dbrand skins for you phone

    A good pair of wired headphone

    Wireless charger

  2. reason__________ says

    50$ vabda kum ko gift?? your mama doesnot love you.XD

  3. khatri113 says

    Go for kindle.

  4. maoumi says

    electric toothbrush

  5. kanchajain says

    mama ali lobhi hunuhunxa?

  6. procipher says


    1. If you are male::Good quality trimmer
    2. Bluetooth headphone
    3. Bluetooth speaker if you love bass music 🙂
    4. A smart watch but none of people who own smart watch utilize it after a month of usage

  7. y2k2r2d2 says

    Knives , Wallets , Camping related items , Coffee , Kitchen items etc.

  8. Bettlejuicediaper says

    If it’s 50 dollar or less I would just ask for cash. But that might be rude idk

  9. Asoret says

    Google play gift card

  10. Total_Stress_4565 says

    I would recommend jackets haru.Yeta ko jacket haru ko chain haru khulidaina plus they last longer.I would recommend Columbia ko .Ahile sale pani lagiracha.
    If not clothes,I would recommend you for electronic devices such as Bluetooth speakers and smart watches.

  11. ranjankhadka012 says

    Ramro khalko shoes/track suit lyaidina vana bro

  12. Sweaty-Cat-2388 says

    If I were you , I would ask for Fundamentals of Physics : Resnick and Halliday, original copy!

  13. TieImpossible3447 says

    50 bhaye smart watch magauda huncha

  14. artic_emotions says

    Chocolates, so that you can share plenty with your friends

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