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The Number Of Landline Users Keeps Decreasing In Nepal

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The Number Of Landline Users Keeps Decreasing In Nepal

landline phones decreasing in Nepal

number of landline users keeps decreasing in Nepal. NTA’s latest MIS report shows the use of landlines dwindled the years. The wired device has enjoyed its heyday but in the times of portable devices, it is gradually fading out of the scene.

As the latest MIS report, Nepal which is the only telco landline service has 5 lakhs, 63 thousand, and 465 customers. The number is another consistent decline since FY 075/76.

Nepal Telecom (NTC) peaked its landline customer service in 074/75 FY with 6 lakhs, 86 thousand, and 762 customers. But since then it has tumbled ever since. The next FY 075/76, NTC’s landline customers declined to 6 lakhs, 77 thousand, and 128. was followed by another decline to 6 lakh, 64 thousand, and 342 in 076/77.

The current stats highlighting NTC’s number of landline customers is the sharpest nosedive which has decreased by 99 thousand and 877 from the previous FY.

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Triple Play To Rescue NTC’s Landline Service?

A is a luxury item as well as a convenience. The wired service has been a mainstay in communications households over the years but with the sharp increase in smartphones, landline communication has been in the shadow over the years.

However, NTC has done its part to keep landline service afloat. The

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