Infotaining Nepal since 2001

The guy was computer scientist, a PHD scholar & what not

CK Raut. The man studied abroad all the places. He could had just earned dollars with easy lifestyle. But still he returned back here in the country. However, instead of the tech related work. He’s not in the mainstream politics as well. What’s with his separist ideology and recent farmers case?

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  1. TheHimalayanRebel says

    I saw this question of yours and asked my dad right away. He says

    >When people are fledged with money and there is a downpour of anything they need, they start craving for fame.

  2. ZoroAsAkatsuki says

    What do u mean “He’s not in the mainstream politics as well?” He’s has been in politics for a decade. his party “janmat party” is registered under election commission like all other parties. “janmat party” don’t have any separist ideology. they have other 11 ideologies. right to recall, against corruption, direct election to name few.

    Farmers case…. no other political parties came to support farmers. ck raut led janmat party came front to support them. it’s not their own protest, but rather the farmer’s.

    Mainstream media and other political parties like rajpaa, samajbadi forum etc are alwez against him. mainstream media will never bother to print a single gud thing about janmat party. Despite this party has been liked by many youths.

    If only ck raut was born in yadav family, he would not have struggle this much.

    This guy is literally fighting against all the corrupt power in this country.




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