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The creation of ‘Talibanistan’: Opening of Pandora’s box for the USA?

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The creation of ‘Talibanistan’: Opening of Pandora’s box for the USA?

recent Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has been swift and has brought in wake disastrous consequences for Afghan polity, society and .

Not only that, the world as a whole seems to be reeling under the impact of the occurrence and is cautiously assessing the evolving situation.

While the obvious outcomes include a severe humanitarian crisis, worst affecting minorities and women with adverse consequences for their safety and rights, a deepening of the refugee problem with large numbers of Afghans fleeing their country and , in particular, aiming at preventing a repeat of the Syrian refugee crisis.

The regional and global security implications and emerging diplomatic challenges demand attention.

The US Debacle

The sudden US withdrawal from Afghanistan fuelling the Taliban’s seizure of power shows the superpower in poor light.

It is being construed as a tactical mistake and a strategic since America’s pulling out of the country appears ill-planned and speedy, leaving in the lurch the Afghan security personnel, women and locals who were relying on US support.

Joe Biden, instead of correcting the wrong done by his predecessor in deciding to withdraw completely from Afghanistan, went a step further and realized it.

A safer bet have been to to maintain a minimal armed presence in Afghanistan to assist the Afghans in their fight against terror and receive in the bargain, Afghan cooperation in America’s anti-terrorism crusade.

The unfolding occurrences have reinforced the that the superpower status of the USA has taken a beating. Thus, the USA faces the serious challenge of winning the global community’s dwindling confidence in the sanctity of its claims about fore

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