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The catch-22 of human-wildlife conflict in Koshi Tappu

The catch-22 of human-wildlife conflict in Koshi Tappu

Kathmandu: Human-wildlife conflict is a reality in but government taken no visible mitigation measures yet. This problem is widespread across various areas in the . So is the situation in the Koshi Conservation Area.

The residents got to place all their demands in front of representatives from the National Trust of Nature Conservation (NTNC), a governmental organization strives towards the preservation of flora and fauna all over Nepal, on the of the launch of Koshi Conservation Center (KCC). The event was held on September 17, 2021, where the authority gave the local’s representatives an opportunity to put forth their concerns. 

During the launch of KCC, locals of Koshi Rural Municipality explained their problems regarding the continuing animal attacks that caused human casualties and property destruction in the area.

Till date, the government has failed to take any actions regarding the encroachment of wildlife in residential areas, said the locals present during the launch event. 

The president of Wildlife victims Support Committee, Panchanarayan Mandal, believes that NTNC itself has not been responsible enough to address the issues regarding the human-wildlife conflict. These issues were more or less known to the authorities but they little effort to mitigate them. “The promises to improve our were only limited to words and not in action,” Mandal said, speaking at the event.

But, among all other issues, the attack of the single wild elephant, called Makune,

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