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State-1 ahead in COVID-19 tests compared to bordering Indian states



State-1 ahead in COVID-19 tests compared to bordering Indian states

Kathmandu – If media reports are anything to go by, State-1 is ahead in COVID-19 tests compared to its neighbouring populous Indian states of Bihar and West Bengal. State-1 is carrying out daily average Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests of 200 from its three different laboratories. The Dharan-based BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Biratnagar-based Koshi Zonal Hospital and Avian Disease Investigation Laboratory are testing 100, 80 and 20 throat samples respectively on an average every day, says Corona Information Desk under the Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers.

Compared to its population of 5 million with just 35 confirmed cases, State-1 has more testing rate than its neighbouring densely populated Indian states of West Bengal and Bihar. According to an online report published by India’s top-selling English-language daily The Times of India on May 7, West Bengal has average testing rate of 700 per day. In the West Bengal, there are 2377 confirmed COVID-19 pandemic patients with 215 deaths, says an official online data of Indian government. West Bengal is densely populated Indian state with 90 million plus population.

It is almost eighteenth times higher than the population of State-1. The eighteen

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