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Sold Scrips Today: My EDIS not working

The thing is I sold a few scrips today but My EDIS is not working properly. Is anyone facing the same? What will happen if we are not able to transfer shares on time owing to Meroshare not functioning, will they penalise us?

r/NepalStock by Im_Beginner_Learner

  1. huriayobhaag says

    Book close bhako script ko edis bhairako chaina re

  2. ContactEvening6057 says

    did you transfer your shares? meroshare is still acting up. I still can’t transfer my shares. there is nothing in my EDIS Tansfer shares section. what’s up with that?

  3. Responsible_Roof_825 says

    power cutoff ko karan le server down bhaachha re ahile. tei bhayera hola.

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