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Should CANNABIS (GANJA) be legal in Nepal ?

Should CANNABIS (GANJA) be legal in Nepal ?


  1. ArnoldRothsteinjr says

    I live in Canada and have visited Nepal a total of three times. Each time I have smoked weed here, compared to Canadian or US weed I would score it 2/10. The quality of weed in North America is much higher than anywhere else in the world. Cartels are literally buying weed in North America and shipping it back down the border.

    The THC level in weed down here in North America is anywhere between 18-24%. In order to achieve that you will need industrial equipment as well as chemical nutrients to control PH levels etc..


    That video shows you how industrial and scientific growing has become in North America.
    There is very little chance any small time farmers can ever have a grow operation like this. The only people that could realistically achieve this are big time politicians who have 100k + USD sitting around.
    The majority of growing in Nepal is done outdoors in a non controlled environment. That means the male plants will pollenate and easily get the female plants pregnant. Once the female plants are pregnant, instead of producing bud (the part of the plant you smoke) it instead produces seeds. Which will further reduce the THC content in the plant etc.. If weed has seeds in it, it is presumed to be bad weed in North America now a days.
    Could legalization happen?
    Yes it could but I don’t really see any way that countries like Canada and US will ever buy weed from Nepal.

  2. SukuMcDuku says

    How many times do we need to see the same post again and again?

  3. Mission_Idea_4135 says


  4. -_-_-__-____-__-_-_- says

    Medicinal: Yes

    For export: Probably Yes

    Recreational: No

  5. nomad_in_a_quest says

    I occasionally smoke weed and I don’t think it should be legal under this shit governance. It being legal means kta haru college ko baira ko pasal ma churot ko satta weed khanchan. There are people who say “maal khara ta last padhincha bro last concentrate huncha”. Well I don’t think so, neurologist haru ni tei vanda hunn. Yo kura haru lai kasari regulate ra control garne? Ani yo desh ma testo garna samav cha under this system? I don’t think so.

  6. roopesh_rai says
  7. According-Hearing315 says


  8. 3080Bot says

    Lol there’s no need for that. The quality of bud is so bad it’s better to stay sober 😂😂

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