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Pathao Nepal Completes Its 3 Years Official Journey

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Pathao Nepal Completes Its 3 Years Official Journey

Nepal’s most loved ride-sharing platform, Pathao, has officially completed its 3 years journey yesterday. On 25th September 2018, Pathao had officially started its ride-sharing service. It was launched with the motive of offering mobility solutions by providing economical ride-sharing options in vehicles like bikes and cars.

Within its three years time period, Pathao has been successful to provide easy and quick rides to people. Not only that, it has created hundreds of employment opportunities among the Nepalese people who can ride bikes and cars. The regional director of Pathao, Mr. Asim Man Singh Basnyat seems excited about the impact Pathao has been making in the employment sector.

With its increasing popularity, on 1st August 2019, Pathao successfully added car-lite which is a taxi service to its business. It easily convinced the taxi drivers because it aimed to remove the troubling bargaining system in the taxi business. Furthermore, in the present context,  Pathao has been successful to cover more than 50 percent of the taxi business running within the valley. The taxi drivers have been involved with Pathao becoming more and more technology-friendly day by day.

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Pathao Food

Similarly, on 25th September 2020, Pathao extended its service by launching “Pathao Food”. Pathao Food delivers food to

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