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Pass Driving Licence Trial….

It’s been around 2 years that I have been trying to succeed the trial examination.Recently, I had given trial which was quite unsucessful. I had practiced (25 days) before going to trial examination. But all of sudden I hit the traffic cone and I was called out.I was on hope that the 70% passing rule had implended and I could easily pass the trial. So what are the rules (physically and mentally) to change the game of this trial.


Also please mention some suggestions on:

*What one should be thinking/not during trial ?

*How to keep one’s mind calm as possible during trial ?

*mindset during that time..

*Do/Don’ts before trial.

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  1. procipher says

    Confidence is the key after all. Luck is second and equally important.

    Don’t pressurize yourself. The more you take pressure, the more blood flows and MAN DOWN!

    Don’t forget your plan by talking with random guys in the queue of physical trial. Plan could be how you enter eight to blinking red light etc. Just have a full mind makeup.

    Be prepared fully. Spend few K’s on practice and go to at least two trial centers. This will help you plan in any physical differences.

  2. hayman905 says

    K ko bike ki gadi?

  3. thapakazi_ says

    Retrial ko lai lagi k garna parcha?

  4. thapakazi_ says

    Same problem with me.

  5. Malnourished_Balls says

    Well, I recently gave my first trial and I failed. Was hoping to go out on 8 but actually made it to the end of the downhill slope. I hadn’t even practiced in about a year.

    What helped me do better than I expected to? I just went in singing a hype song(could be anything for you, was Burn Butcher Burn for me). I did not care about the officers standing there like literally. I was wobbling a lot, even more on the straight line than on 8. But I simply didn’t care at that moment. Might be easier to say than to do because they exert a lot of pressure.

    Hope this helped a bit if at all. Just sharing my experience.

  6. nurojggwp says

    Pressure naline, ekchoti pass vayena vanye arko choti huncha vanne mentality liyera janu

  7. yusuke04 says

    Exactly same thing happened to me bro

  8. theraredamage says

    Focus on your breathing! Thats the root of all sucess!

  9. theraredamage says

    Focus on your breathing! Thats the root of all sucess!

  10. theraredamage says

    Focus on your breathing! Thats the root of all sucess!

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