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Odd lot sell of shares np execution complete

I am trying to sell Sell SABSL 1 KITTA fpr almost 15 days but there is no any order executed. How can i sell them as there are no any odd lot buyer

r/NepalStock by Recent-Violinist-298

  1. Accomplished-Box4595 says

    Tyesto hatar cha vane 10 unit thapera 11 unit sell garidinu na mauka herera.

  2. makaikhanebhalu says

    Yaha bhaneko kura ma euta add garchhu. Yesle bechine chance badna aakchha.

    Scrip ko tyo din ko top broker haru ko average buy price hernus. Ani tyessai lai anuman ma rakhera tyo price ko ori pari ko price rakhnus.

  3. sirnelson13 says

    Aba bata share bechda AON garnu mitra, timro dukha mailey bhujchu.

  4. Laxman_12 says

    Try posting in group like share Mandu share sansaar or any other groups

  5. Infamous_Magician523 says

    Garo xa bro..
    To sell odd lot market depth anusar afno Order fluctuate gari rakhnu , sayad kaile hit vai halos
    Mero testai Vayo

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