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NTA’s Free Broadband Service Reaches 15 Thousand Centers

NTA (Nepal Telecommunications Authority) has expanded its free broadband service in more than 15 thousand locations across Nepal. The project aims at setting up a 20 Mbps connection in public offices, schools, and colleges to keep them connected by reliable fiber broadband. The initiative is a part of the Rural Telecommunications Development Fund under NTA.

As per the latest reports, NTA has broadened its free internet service to 15 thousand, 3 hundred and 93 areas around Nepal. Till Mangsir, 6 hundred 79 local level offices have benefited from the free broadband connectivity courtesy of the Funds.  

The RTDF broadband project consists of a total of 18 packages where separate ISPs connect the public offices with fiber broadband. So far 16 of those packages in 65 districts have completed the entire proje

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