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No EDIS Obligation Left Error in MeroShare

I sold some shares yesterday and calculated the WACC price also. But it shows “No EDIS obligation left” in my holdings. Also, I haven’t received the share transfer request.

Has anyone gone through this before and how did you solve it?

Where do I contact to solve this issue?

r/NepalStock by neupanedipen

  1. Accomplished-Box4595 says

    Faced same issue. Then started doing WACC few days before selling. Becheko din 8 pm samma ma edis ma dekhaucha. Try it.

  2. dr_pantheraleo says

    Mero hijo tei vako thiyo. First time dhilai hunxa but kaile kahi server down huda ni yestai hudo rahexa. Broker lai phone garnu 10 12 baje samma ni dekhayena vane. Ani uni haru le herdinxan.

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