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Nepali version of ‘Mend or End: Nepal in the eyes of a Chinese journalist’ launched

KATHMANDU: JAN. 19 – The Nepali version of a non-fiction book Mend or End: Nepal in the eyes of a Chinese journalist penned by a senior media professional at Xinhua News Agency has hit the book stores across the country in the first week of the New Year 2022. It was launched on January 16. The latest book is entitled “Nepal in the eyes of a Chinese journalist” without subtitles.

The author Zhou Shengping has been living and working in the Himalayan country for a decade. His first English book Mend or End published in April 2021 has received immense love and positive feedback, with over a dozen reviews of it in national media of Nepal and China.

Encouraged by the unexpected popularity, the Kathmandu-based journalist comes up with the Nepali edition in January 2022 to let Nepali people understand China and Chinese perspective about their country in their own native language.

His new initiative wins the support of a lot of Nepali friends. Jhalanath Khanal, former Prime Minister, Ganga Prasad Upreti, Chancellor of Nepal Academy, Yubaraj Sangroula, professor a

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