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Nepali skaters face government’s indifference and police’s wrath

Kathmandu: For a long time, football and cricket have been the dominant sports in Nepal. They are popular everywhere in the country, from hills to the plains and big towns to small ones. The country’s national teams have been improving their performances in these two sports. But these two are not the only sports where Nepal is constantly improving. There are a few more and skateboarding is one of them. But unfortunately, the sport has not drawn the government’s attention.

“Although skateboarding has immense potential in Nepal, the government has not realized that yet,” says Achyut Khanal, president of Nepal Skating and Skateboarding Association.

Nepal’s skateboarding history is not so long. The sport was officially recognized after the establishment of the Association in 2015. But prior to that, different groups from urban areas used to dabble in it. The first Skateboarding tournament in Nepal was held in 2016, with support from INGOs from different countries. Around 50 skaters participated in that competition. Khanal says he managed to manage funds for the tournament through his personal effort.

Even after six years of being officially recognized by the government, there is not a single skate park in Kathmandu.

“The National Sports Council didn’t provide sufficient financial support and I was compelled to put my personal effort into it,” said Khanal. “From the beginning, the government has been indifferent to skateboarding.” 

Despite that, however, Nepal has made notable progress in skateboarding within a short period. Nepal’s skaters have participated in various international competitions such as the Asian Games of 2018, and the Jugaad Skate Competition in India, among o

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