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Can I my money in fixed deposit online in NMB bank without visiting the bank? If yes, then how? And does the bank provide different bank account number for the fixed deposit account?

r/Nepal by DrdrakeRamoray12

  1. Calm_Consequence_510 says

    Signature garna ta janu parxa bank nai jasto lagyo

  2. procipher says

    Banks are in huge money crunch. I feel they will just shift your money to FD with online letter. Not of NMB but one of the bank did FD last time after sending them filled form with signature PDF file.

  3. bhalu-dai says

    I fixed some amount without going to bank , just by app

  4. q-rka says

    I did FD on friday to Siddartha bank via online. But I already had a saving acc there.

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