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Nepal Telecom Brings Constitution Day Offer

constitution day

Nepal Telecom Brings Constitution Day Offer

Ntc Constitution day offer

Nepal Telecom has brought an offer to celebrate constitution day in the country. The offer includes a 100% bonus on two data packages for your internet requirement, in this holiday time.

It has been several years that Ntc launched such offers to mark the promulgation of the latest constitution in the country.

Though the constitution day falls on Ashoj 3, the offer comes into effect for Ashoj 2 to Ashoj 4.

The two data packs which have a 100% bonus are 100MB at Rs 15 and 500MB at Rs 60. With this offer, you will get 100MB + 100MB= 200MB at Rs 15 for a day and 500MB+500MB= 1000MB at Rs 60 for 3 days.

To buy the Ntc Consitution day offer, you need to dial *1415*1*9#

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