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Nepal Celebrates Maha Ashtami today

Bada Dashain festival

Nepal Celebrates Maha Ashtami today

Dashain festival is a very significant festival

Nepali Hindus are celebrating the eighth day of the ten-day duration Bada Dashain festival. The eighth day of Dashain is called Maha Ashtami, and one worships Goddess Durga Bhawani.

Pilgrims and devotees worship other Goddesses, Mahakali, Mahalaxmi, and Maha Saraswati. They also offer special gifts to the Goddesses.

Maha Ashtami is considered special as it is perceived that Goddess Durga attained power on this day.

On this festive day, people complete various rituals at Dashain Ghars and holy sites. They also sacrifice animals and offer them to the goddesses at various shrines.

The pilgrims chant the Durga Saptashati scri

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