Nepal Authorities and ISPs Take Action: Cable Management Project Commences in Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Nepal Authorities and ISPs Take Action: Cable Management Project Commences in Kathmandu Metropolitan City

The Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have initiated a cable management project in Kathmandu Metropolitan City starting on Baisakh 25, Monday. Prior to this, the local authorities had set a deadline for the removal of wire clutter on poles. In response to the warning from the Mayor of Kathmandu, the NTA and ISPs have taken action, commencing the task of removing tangled wires to enhance safety and beautify the city. Recognizing the challenges of completing the work all at once, the authorities have focused on addressing the demand within the metro area. Additionally, the NTA is making provisions for a “utility duct” to facilitate effective cable management in Kathmandu.

A recent meeting involving the NTA, ISP representatives, and the Kathmandu Metro resulted in an agreement to commence wire management from Baisakh 25. Therefore, as of 8 am on Monday morning, the removal of entangled and hanging wires from roadside poles has begun. The ongoing work is currently concentrated around Maitighar Mandala and the New Road area.

To facilitate the organized removal of unnecessary wires, the NTA has released a route plan covering various sections of Kathmandu. The designated areas for cable management include:

  1. Maitighar to Airport
  2. Tripureshwar to Maharajgunj
  3. New Road to Basantapur via Asan
  4. Maitighar to Putlisadak to Narayanhiti
  5. Bhadrakali to Narayanhiti to Kamaladi to Ranipokhari
  6. International Convention Center New Baneshwar via Dillibazar – Anamnagar
  7. Shitalnivas – Naxal via Baluwatar
  8. Kalanki via Maitighar – Tripureshwar
  9. Samakhusi via Lainchaur – Askal – Ranibari
  10. Sohrakhutte – Dhalko- Tahachal via Swayambhu
  11. Sinamangal – Old Baneshwar via Gaushala
  12. Gaushala – Boudhanath
  13. Kalimati – Balkhu via Kuleshwar

All service providers have been urged by the NTA to be present along the designated routes during the wire management process. Failure to comply may result in holding the service providers responsible for any potential hazards caused by their cables.

Furthermore, the NTA has issued a warning, stating that if any wires are cut or removed without proper authorization, the respective service provider will be held accountable. It is mandatory for ISPs to clearly label their cables with their name or license number to facilitate easier identification.

Earlier, the Kathmandu Metro had set a 15-day ultimatum until Baisakh 27 to address the issue of cluttered wires within Kathmandu.