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National Journalism Day: PM Oli says role of mass communication media unforgettable



National Journalism Day: PM Oli says role of mass communication media unforgettable

Kathmandu – Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the role played by the media fraternity in the country’s democracy movement was unforgettable. He stated this in a message of best wishes given today on the occasion of the Fifth National Journalism Day and the Gorakhapatra National Daily entering the 120th year of its publication.

The PM stated in his message that freedom of expression is the oxygen of social life and the government is together with the journalists in protecting their professional interests and independence. He also expressed respect to the works carried out by journalists and media people in the difficult situation of the lockdown.

“We have unflinching commitment and respect to press freedom. The government is moving ahead in development and construction works, prioritizing human rights concerns and the promotion of peace and stability by ensuring social justice and equality, the press freedom, democracy and protection of nationalism,” the PM’s message reads. It further states:

“First of all, the journalists and media people themselves should be alert to prevent the dissemination of baseless materials from the traditional and new electronic mass media to the social media.” Stating that the government’s works were moving ahead on the path of good governance and sustainable deve

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