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Must have shares in your portfolio?

Since i’ve heard that the bonus/dividends season is near, what are some of the “must have” shares in your portfolio that you can buy now.

r/NepalStock by sid0009

  1. rigour54 says

    Mnbbl, NBL, cbl, bpcl

  2. [deleted] says


  3. aadarsha2056 says

    micro micro micro any micro andha dhunda kine ni huncha last rally ho bull run bhainu bhanda agadiko khatra euphoria hune wala cha aba ko nepse wild huncha be careful everyone. bonus khayera book close bhaye pachi chai market ghatna sakcha

  4. Rdnepshare says


  5. betterer23 says

    C.banks – Nabil, Nica
    D. Banks – Mnbbl
    Micro – Cbbl, ddbl
    Life insurance – Nlic
    Insurance – Sicl

  6. TransportationFew679 says

    STC 20 percent ko book close bhaya ko xaina
    Soon agm

  7. Administrative_Ask54 says


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