Infotaining Nepal since 2001

Mt. Everest’s colonial history?

Mt. Everest’s colonial history?

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  1. Melon-lord10 says

    >Other supporters pointed out Asian countries need to be more open to immigrants from African countries, need to hire more Black people in their companies, and need to start naming locations in Asia after Black people to be more inclusive.

    WUT? Yei ka manxe lai job pugya xaina. Hasauxan.

  2. [deleted] says

    Colonial History cannot make Sagarmatha, a non living object, racist

  3. dawson_ko_creek says

    From the article:

    >to tackle the location’s “intentional lack of access for black people”

    What does that even mean. Whose intent are they talking about? Whose intent are they blaming exactly? Grade A bullshit.

  4. crocskat says

    What the fuck were they somking when they wrote this article? I cannot describe how stupid it is. Not everything is about race and not everything is about black people or white people

  5. Chilled_owlz says

    The best thing about this, is that Asia don’t give a fuck. Go climb it, or not. We literally don’t care.

  6. cancerbyname says

    What bothers me most is the sentence “intentional lack of access”. Nepal has never barred anyone from climbing!

  7. RevolutionarySmell65 says

    Next in breaking news….Antarctica is racist.

  8. DontBelieveMyWord says

    I hate when people make everything about race. I hope they freeze their balls.

  9. toddyboi54 says

    “Intentional lack of access for black people”
    Aafnai desh ma vako vayera tw aafu le dekhna pako xaina, lack of access re. What do they expect? A red carpet that leads to the top of the mountain?

  10. esewakhalti2point0 says

    Funding raise garna lai j bhande ni bho. Muji khate haru.

  11. youNeed2p says

    Snow is white.

    Hence, Mt. Everest is Racist.

    So, Blacks (who are not even native to Asia), have been oppressed here for centuries.

  12. [deleted] says


  13. EmotionalCommand4337 says

    “Mt everest is racist”

    “Yeah and?”

  14. mountains-and-sea says

    Nepal is one of the most ethnically diverse countries and Mt. Everest hugs the border between 2 countries, but somehow this famous mountain’s climbing history is “racist”? Okayyy. Sounds like racists projecting their own brand of learned American racism onto Nepal’s history while ignoring the incredible ethnic diversity of Asia.

    Like have any of them even been to Nepal?? Have they seen the variety of skin colors native to Nepal? Some Nepali are darker than these climbers. Ugh.

  15. oftenKaku says

    Westerners and their “issues” with literally everything. Sometimes, I feel like peoples in the west have too much of freedom of speech fr

  16. only_for_rnepal says

    | it will be a first black and brown only expedition.


  17. beardedwerebear says

    What a joke. I would add, the issue in much of asia isn’t racism, but castism. Something the west fails to grasp.

  18. randomw0rdz says

    Mt. Everest also needs to stop discriminating against disabled climbers.

  19. tonofagun says

    I’m assuming they won’t be needing help from Sherpas?

  20. nineinchrain says

    Them westerners man…. k vanne muji haru lai.

  21. handsomejack777 says

    Using how many Sherpas? As far as I know any moderately fit person can climb Everest.

  22. FateXBlood says

    A bit funny because black and brown people are also in Nepal and yet they try to make it sound racist just because someone from other continents may not have scaled the mountain. What a stupid thing to say.

  23. AtomicRadiusBitch says

    Fuckin Americans need to make everything about themselves ffs

  24. Bikram-Tempo says

    Of course, Everest is racist. It gotta be. It’s snow-covered WHITE after all!




    >!Also, named after a white man!<

  25. pkhadka1 says

    It’s not racist.
    It’s about people who have money or can find sponsors.
    पैसा फेक तमासा देख

  26. TheSpacePopeIX says

    The mountain has a natural economic barrier because it is expensive to climb the damn thing.

    Good for them and I hope they summit but nobody in Nepal is stopping black people from climbing mountains.

  27. vivekkayastha says

    *Death Zone is unforgiving, it will freeze your balls and/or tush, no matter what color it may be*
    -Horny Baba.

  28. Lucifer220 says

    Stupid woke americans and their obsession with identity politics.

  29. tiktaktoe999 says

    Average nepalis suffering from rising inflation, cost of living & lack of opportunities.

    Le black people out of no where: ur mountain is racist.

    Get da fk outa here mann!

  30. dlt-old-acc-cus-cot says

    Lmao okay.

  31. sujaluffy06 says

    I am proud to be citizen of a racist mountain🗿

  32. zolaft says

    Bunch of champagne socialist.

  33. YE5555 says

    just read the article and guess what its shit and full of bs. mfs wanna make everything about race, especially about african black. even in places that had little or no african history at all.

  34. Usernp says

    the name?

  35. Defemusic says

    Its fun to see who acutal people use their to think. 🙂

  36. gvs311 says

    What the fuck did I just read? Umm, okay we will just ask the 7 Richter scale earthquake to go to US next time so you guys can have your own Mt. Everest.

    And how many places in US have places named after Nepalese? Sounds pretty inclusive from the black community.

  37. AspieDM says

    It’s a fucking mountain! And I’ve never heard about Nepal being a colony to anyone.

  38. Acceptable_Calm says

    American here, this is another instance of my country projecting its internal problems onto other countries. It’s a habit I wish our media would break, as it promotes both a very skewed view of Americans, and to those who read such bilge, a very skewed perception of other countries.

  39. Apart_Emotion_3899 says

    Comments here are reminder how much of white worshipping Nepali are . Like for a second why Sagarmatha is called Everest..

  40. Rough-Birthday-8420 says

    Muji kala haru lai kola rokako thio.gayako bhaya hunthio

  41. AuxR says

    Clickbait headline.. what a sad reality this is.

  42. enormousgiganticDICK says

    I think it’s just a clickbait article ,to get people clicking .Sane person with certain common sense knows it’s just bullshit

  43. Dharwrite says

    If its white snow that is racist….

    Give time to Global Warming

    They will have black mountains black rock…

    Seriously though Kuch BHi Saab CHutiya bana rahe he..

    tait.. k bhane yestalai tara bolneko pitho bikcha..

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