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Morang Prison: Where 18 deaths in 16 months go unprobed and unchecked

Narayan Khadka, a prisoner in Morang Prison, died on November 11. He had been serving his sentence in connection with a rape case for the past six years. Khadka had not been to the hospital in these six years and was healthy till the day before. At midnight, it has been said, he fell sick and was pronounced dead by a doctor at the Koshi Hospital the same night.

In early September, there was a dispute inside the jail between groups that wanted to allow and not allow notorious gangster Abhishek Giri to come to Biratnagar. Khadka was in the group that denied bringing Giri there from another jail. Rumours were that Khadka was beaten inside the prison before his death. However, neither the incident was investigated nor did the police conduct a postmortem. Khadka’s kin came, took away the body and the matter died down.

Gopal Sharma (53), a resident of Biratnagar metropolitan city-10, was serving his sentence for a rape case in the Morang Prison and died on November 20. Relatives complained Sharma’s death was due to the prison administration’s negligence. However, the complaint was still not registered nor investigated. Neither did they conduct a postmortem. Sharma’s relatives also took the body and performed his funeral rites.

Subash Limbu (30) of Dharan sub-metropolitan city-8 also died inside Morang Prison on August 14. Limbu’s relative also went through the same as that of Giri and Sharma. 

Likewise, Ramesh Magar of Kerabari rural municipality-4, Morang, died on July 30;  Bidyananda Mandal of Biratnagar metropolitan city-16 died on August 3; Dhan Bahadur Gurung (52) of Ratuwamai municipality-5 in Morang died on August 17. The trend continued had been continuing with the deaths of Nirajan Yadav of Bir

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