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Mc Flo: The odd one out in Nepal’s rap music industry

anurag sharma

Mc Flo: The odd one out in Nepal’s rap music industry

Out of all the rappers in Nepal, Mc Flo distinctively stands out. Unlike other stereotypical rappers, he dresses up neatly, does not have tattoos and, most importantly, rarely uses cuss words in his songs. Until 2016, no one knew what he looked like either. Away from the limelight, he kept on producing music that he felt would relate to as he has become one of the few respected figures in Nepal’s rap scene.

A rejected visa meant an accepted rapper status

Born as Anurag Sharma, Mc Flo started his rap career in 2008. He had finished his high school and wanted to leave for the United States for his higher studies. But, fate had something else planned as he was not given a visa.

“I had a lot of free time then,” he says.

Growing up, Sharma wrote a lot of poems but due to other distractions, he had stopped doing so. But, when he had so much free time, he got back into writing poems again. That was the beginning of his rap career as writing poems while listening to rap music gave him the idea to try his hand at rap.

“Rap is a combination of rhythm and poetry. I didn’t have a hard time writing as I was already quite accustomed to it. I sat in my room, wrote songs and recorded it at my home,” he says.

Mc Flo says visa rejection, first to the US and then to Canada, was the main reason he got into rap. But, the formative years were not easy. He

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