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“MBBS” or “Computer science” .. Is MBBS worth it ? Help with carrer choice !!

17M , +2 passed out.. Initially had great interest in being surgeon and shit ..Tara as time passed i started developing interest in the field of tech too (CS,automobile etc)

initially i wanted to pursue mbbs then usmle but after hearing about the sheer mental stress and effort and all the time required to master at the field I am kind of scared of getting into it .

“MBBS ma pass huna lagne mehenet aru kunai field ma lagayo bhane baru 100% success paincha “;The common feedback from seniors

so i just wanted the sub to shade some light into the Reality of MBBS field so that I can reach a conclusion.I just dont want to regret anything later

P.s : I can afford a DROP YEAR .. and Back up ko lagi : I was considering Bachelors in Computer engineering then a year of serious programming to strengthen my portfolio for front end and back end development

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  1. Master_Cat2725 says

    You seriously need to find out what you are interested in coz you are comparing two vastly different fields.

  2. Flaky_Active9876 says

    MBBS student here. I’d suggest ki dilemma xa vaney chai medicine ma aaudai na aau. Only join MBBS if you can’t see yourself doing something else… Ani keep in mind that there is no perfect field like most people say. 4-5 years ma purai padhai sakkinu parney rey, padhna/pass garna ni easy hunu parney rey and padhai sakkney bittikai job paiye halnu parney rey. These are just illusions and no field/career is perfect. Most people taunt me saying IT/CA/Engg. padheko vaye hunthyo, ajhai MD garna parxa, paisa kamauna garho xa, MBBS garnai yetro paisa lageko xa, MD ta naam nikalnai parxa and all that stuff. Yes, medicine does require you to be more dedicated as compared to other careers but kunai pani career “Easy” chai hudaina!!!!

    Hope you make the right decision. All the best…

  3. sulu1385 says

    As already suggested.. don’t study MBBS if you are not 100% committed to it and it is a lot of hard work with mental stress esp during exams and then you have PG to worry about and further as well..

  4. [deleted] says


  5. AppropriateTraining9 says

    In USMLE, foreign graduates can hardly get surgical subjects. So if your interest is to be a surgeon and shit, USMLE is not for you.

  6. dal9le says

    Computer science

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