Infotaining Nepal since 2001

Kta haru katiko padhne xau?

Kta haru katiko padhne xau?

r/Nepal by enumeler

  1. alladin316 says

    Master master

    Master of puppets Im pulling your strings.

  2. Ghantaauke says

    Jaagar laagyo bhane padhinchha, natra tei ho.

  3. tsaroz says

    Aba bihe garne, xora xori janmaune ani xora xorilai padhaune.

  4. procipher says

    पादने भनेको कि पढ्ने भनेको बोरो?

  5. [deleted] says

    double bachelors

  6. Analyst-66 says

    +2 passout

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