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Japan’s help is crucial for Nepal’s aviation safety.

Japan’s help is crucial for Nepal’s aviation safety.

Several top officials at the Japanese embassy in Nepal have asserted that Japan’s official development assistance has made a significant contribution to the improvement of aviation safety in the country.

“Japan’s help for the aviation sector is still underway, and we hope that Japan’s assistance would be utilised for the future enhancement of aviation safety in Nepal,” Yuzo Yoshioka, Deputy Chief of Mission, wrote in an email reports The Himalayan Times, a leading Nepali newspaper.

Following up on the previous piece published on The Himalayan Times — NEC Japan takes Nepali Civil Aviation for a Ride — it was inferred that the Japanese government as a whole was responsible for the problems that were plaguing the air traffic control system that was being administered by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. According to a senior official at Tribhuvan International Airport, “GoJ may have systems in place to ensure that the Japanese taxpayer’s money is best utilised for the purpose for which it is intended, but it did not achieve its purpose in CAAN’s latest Air Traffic Management project execution, which remains at best slapdash based on ground facts,” he said. “Typically, ATC installations have a life cycle of a decade, and any deficiency in planning and execution of the project

Yoshioka, on the other hand, asserted that at the time Japan decided to provide assistance, the Minimum Safe Altitude Warning Sys

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