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Is there a way to get NEPSE API for free?

Sometimes back there was someone sharing NEPSE price API for free. Is there a way I still can get NEPSE API for free?

r/NepalStock by neupanedipen

  1. bigshaq_theonly says

    I have a script for scraping historical prices, DM to buy it.

  2. procipher says

    You can write your own scraper to get data from nepal stock site.

    Otherwise, have to pay for official api. Here is the pdf file with pricing:

  3. nemoisback says

    No, NEPSE has set pricing plans for API usage. If you’re student you can get API for 5000 NRs (but for edu purposes only). If it is a hobby project, try scraping sites like merolagani, sharesansar, nepsealpha.

  4. prabessssh says

    scrape mero lagani or any other websites ezyy

  5. ThePickleRick69 says
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