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Is the NRN card worth paying $1050?

Wondering if it is worthwhile to invest $1050 to get a Non-Resident of Nepal card. Would love to hear from fellow Nepali with NRN card/status?

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  1. chatureko_daupech says

    NRN card costs $1050 these days?

  2. -_-_-__-____-__-_-_- says

    It’s worth it if you have an emotional attachment with Nepal or you want to do business in Nepal (I guess) else, being a broke af person, I don’t see why someone else would need it.

  3. ohhimark123456 says

    Whats an NRN card, and what does it do?

  4. WhiteCupG says

    $1050 isnt that nearly double the amount? I guess it depends on the country. My dad got it for like €500

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