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If I suffer backpapers in 1st semester, can I clear them slowly 1 paper over 1 semester or does that mean more backs?

Like if I got 4 back paper in my first semester, do I have to clear all of them in 3nd semester? If I decided to do one per semester, does it mark more back or absent on the transcript? Thanks

I am talking about bsc csit btw

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  1. cluelessdonke says

    Once you get BACK, you will never go back.

  2. KatanaLaser says

    welcome to the infinite backs and procrastination club.

    please, clear them asap.

    ajha feri back lagyo vane, paxi dherai pressure hunxa..

  3. Monk_Eve says

    bro kun college ma ni 1st sem to exam dina thalya ahile csit kai

  4. Monk_Eve says

    3rd mai chai garnu pardena, 5th 7th sem tira pani 1st sem ko exam dirako hunchan tara transcript ma k lekhcha no idea

  5. q-rka says

    2nd sem ma 2 ota lageko thyo… fk that time…

  6. xlsvls says

    Try to pass it in the first try. Its just gonna pile up. Boards ma try to at-least pass . Ive seen many of my friends still giving back paper from 2nd/3rd year and its no fun.

  7. metalheadnepali says

    Back paxi nai ho COMEBACK hanne … Best of luck !!

  8. xubhaa says

    Ohho i wish my senior had told me this earlier your colg studies is not enough at all so join the tution centre for extra classes and thank me later i had 12 back paper and thanks to all my personal tutor who sold their soul to me and made me work so hard. Trust me if i can clear my bba anyone can just stay abit focused and work a lil hard tc.

  9. ProudNefoli says

    Did you not prepare earlier OP? I think the first semester syllabus is not that tough to pass.

  10. Full_Amphibian_855 says

    Huna ta ma csit hoina be ho first sem ma 4 ota back cha bhane ani aile 3 din ma 4 otai subject padhna bhyaucha bhane ta 4 tai dine tara sakdaina bhane euta prepare garne dine aru sem chalirako bela ma afno preparation anusar dine i think transcript ma pass bhako bela ko matra marks or grade huncha aru hudaina yearly gardai jane ho bhane column sarcha absent mark hune bhanda pani..

  11. hellyeeaahh says

    If you have failed in 4 subjects in the first semester and you are still procrastinating, i believe you need to change your specialization and study what you are good at.

  12. Denonimator says

    Padhna thalihal hai vai, back lagnu normal lagna thalyo bhane chai sakkis! Pass matra hune gari vayeni padhnu. Field ma chaine sabai afai siknu parne ho, tesaile past question leraune, semester bhari thorai thorai gardai herne. Ani future ma k tira lagne ho aile decide garera sikna thalihale huncha. Euta field chanera intern garne kita workplace ma k huncha sikna thalihale huncha rather than going all in for college studies.

  13. [deleted] says


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