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IDP or British council for IELTS ?

IDP or British council for IELTS ?

r/Nepal by Drafteow

  1. [deleted] says


  2. procipher says

    Jata gayepani tyai ho boro. Don’t spend your time thinking this. Go whichever is nearer to you.

  3. ntvirus says

    British Council doesn’t allow online payment afaik, ifp ko esewa bata tirna milcha. For this reason only, I say go with idp

  4. Professional-Air-128 says


  5. WhyNot_YT says

    I first applied to IELTS from IDP but they started spamming my number asking if i needed practice materials like every 2 hours. i was so annoyed that i didn’t even pay and even after that they kept spamming and got like 5 calls to confirm my cancellation.

    I say go with British council I’ve registered and payed and they haven’t bothered even once.

    Other than that the test is identical so either one is fine.

  6. Dcma101 says

    Honestly, neither.

    I got 7.5 on my IELTS just by purchasing a few practice books and watching tutorial videos on YouTube. Those are enough to give you a good grip on the format for the tests. My only regret is that I got lazy and didn’t practice for a longer period.

    There’s nothing extra that consultancies will teach you which isn’t already available online.

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