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  1. nemoisback says

    Jhukkiyera pani broker 38 ma najanu. They take 10-20 days to process payment.

  2. use_it_reddit says

    i opened my TMS account with broker no#32 everything was online and they did my accounts within two days.

  3. Pretty_Ad351 says

    Broker No#44 and broker#35, I have used both of them and it is completely online. and you don’t have to print anything at all. their response time is good too. #44 is better at responding.

  4. Fantastic-Wrongdoer6 says

    I opened one with broker no 7. They have a facebook page, Hamro Sharebazar. They just asked for stuffs there and made my account within a day.

  5. Nearby_Signal475 says

    tms 49 is the best , i got my account the second day i filled the form . Payout is quick too , support is nice too.

    Never had to visit an office

  6. v01d_koffee says

    Yes it is possible to open TMS account completely online without having to print any KMC or other form. Although not all brokers have online tms account opening services.

    Check it on Youtube. They have it on detail.

  7. Glittering-Rich-1902 says

    Broker no 58 ma acc banaunda form haru print garnu pardaina Tara time lagla

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