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Iam sick of these CASBA charges …….

I am using demat of citizen bank which charges 20 for CASBA and i also have demat account of NIC asia which isn’t on use.
I want to change my dp to NIC is it possible within same meroshare account.

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  1. Expensive-Emu-9676 says

    ma pani yehi garnu parla… NIBL ley 20 matra katiracha

  2. NamXina says

    Global IME has free CASBA.

    All you need to do is, fill a CASBA form with same DMAT details. Ask them CRN number and add in Meroshare. It’ll give options to select account in Meroshare.

  3. lastcharmMonster says

    I think requesting crn from NIC Asia will work for you.

    I have Demat in NMB but using NIC Asia for MeroShare.

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